Remedial teaching

What is remedial teaching?

Remedial teaching is to teachthe curriculum or course to those students who are below their grade level in one or more subjects for varying reasons.

Remedial teaching mainly includes one-one instructions or very small group instructions. ( group of maximum 3 students)

Why remedial teaching?

 There is a myth that the students who need remedial teaching have low IQs. So they can’t compete with their peers and are underachievers in the examinations. But the truth is such students may have high intellectual properties and good potentials but just they have different learning styles than others. So determining the problem area and picking up the right teaching method according to the student’s abilities and needs is the key of remedial teaching.

How we do remedial teaching?

Our objectives of remedial teaching is to:-

1) Provide different learning experiences to the students as per their potentials and needs.

2) To lay down concrete foundation for student’s logic development, independent thinking, self learning, creativity etc.

At our center, we carry out effective remedial teaching program through-

  •  Diagnostic testing of problem area
  •  Planning of remedial teaching for individual student
  •  Designing many learning experiences and activities for the student
  •  Creating different learning situations
  •  Clear instructions and student’s active participation in learning
  •  Effective use of teaching-learning material
  •  A lot of encouragement and motivations through reinforcement and rewards
  •  Careful observation and recording of student’s performance from time to time.