Parental training

What is parental training?

 Children with special needs require a level of attention that far exceeds that of the other typically developing children need. A caregiver of such children must have a lot of compassion, patience and understanding of child’s condition and his/her strength and potentials. So parental training is to understand the child’s disability, limitations due to it, positive ways to handle the child and to work on his potentials. In short, it is the training of the parents to provide positive caretaking to these children.

Why parental training is essential?     

Working with the child with special needs is a collaborative task of teachers and parents. That is 50% partnership from both sides. The child would do the progress only when parents and teachers work for him are on the same page. Along with that, parents can then only cope up with the demanding task of caring their special child when they are properly trained to handle their child at home. So parental training is an essential part of child’s educational program.


How we do the parental training?

  • The moment parents accept their child’s disability, they build the strong foundation for his future progress and success. For this acceptance we help the parents understand their child’s disability fully.
  • We train them to be the good partner of the teacher for child’s education.
  • Parental training includes teaching of adaptive skills at home environment and managing behaviour issues of the child if any.
  • We also guide them how to deal with regression issues and problems when the child enters into adolescence.