Parental And Family Counselling

What is Parental and family counselling?

When there is a special person in the family, family life is full of challenges. When such person is at the severe or profound end of the disability or there are problems due to advancing age, the challenges become overwhelming. It is then very much needed that somebody should meet the family, understand their situation, talk to them, sort out their problems and guide them how to live better life with person in special needs.

Why counselling is necessary?

As we have seen that parents of a special child face lots of challenges in their daily life. Typical problems encountered by them are-:

  • Stress
  • Anger/depression
  • Imbalance in caretaking of the child
  • Emotional differences in between the parents
  • Relationship problems
  • Siblings issues
  • Financial burden
  • Lack of social life


How do we do counselling?

 We arrange counselling sessions as a whole family or in parts as per the necessities and comfort of the family. We talk to the parents, siblings, grandparents and to the close relatives and friends as well if essential.

Through our counselling sessions, we try to help parents to:-

  •  Accept the fact of child’s disability
  •  Manage stress while facing the challenges of taking care of the special person
  •  Balance in caretaking of the child
  •  Improve relationship between the parents
  •  Build healthy family relationships
  •  Take better care of the special child
  •  Improve family life for other typical siblings