Behaviour Management

What is behaviour management?

   Persons with special needs usually have deficits in adaptive behaviour in different areas. Apart from this these persons also exhibit maladaptive or undesirable behaviour due to many reasons. So providing assistance to special children in increasing desirable behaviours and decreasing undesirable behaviours by means of special techniques is known as behavioural management.

Why behaviour management is necessary?

 This wide variety of challenging behaviours includes physical aggression, self injury, tantrums, noncompliance, misbehaviours with others, repetitive behaviours, odd behaviours, rebellious behaviours, antisocial behaviours (stealing, telling lies etc), fear etc. These maladaptive behaviours cause harm or inconvenience for others or to the child himself. Besides this, it is a big hurdle in child’s education. So developing effective behaviour intervention program is often the most important step for the success of the student.

How do we do behaviour management?

Individual’s behaviour is subjected to changes depending upon the situations-stimulations to which he/she has to respond. Usually the behaviour which is considered appropriate in one situation may not be appropriate in another situation. e. g. eating at the dining table at lunch time is appropriate behaviour where as eating in the classroom when class is going on is an inappropriate behaviour. So proper behaviour assessment is very much necessary to find out possible reasons behind the problem behaviours.

Possible reasons are escape from unwanted activity, boredom, attention seeking, skill deficit factors, self stimulation etc. So by behavioural assessment we identify the problem behaviour and then carry out functional analysis of that behaviour to develop effective behaviour management program. We make sure that strong re-enforcers and effective rewards are the part of this behaviour management program.