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What is assessment?

Assessment is the process of collecting data to make decisions about student. Assessment includes the collection of data regarding both the historical and current functioning of the student. It is an integral part of the current ongoing process. Assessment provides base in order to make instructional, administrative and/or guidance decisions about of for an individuals

What is the purpose of assessment?

   There are many purposes of assessment. They are-

    • Initial screening and identification
    • Determination of current performance level and educational need.
    • Determination of teaching programmes and strategies
    • Development of Individual Educational Programme(IEP)

How do we do the assessment?

Assessment procedure involves collection of data through various modes. These methods  include –

  • Directly testing¬†the child
  • Observing the child in specific environment
  • Interviewing the parents, family members and caregivers

 Types of assessments are used such as

  • Functional assessment,

  • Educational assessment,

  • curriculum based assessment,

  • observational assessment,

  • behavioural assessment

 etc   based on child’s prior assessment records, medical history, parent’s concerns and requirements etc.

After assessment, detailed report is given to the parents. It is discussed with the parents to move ahead for further intervention.